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What is Entrepreneurship & How Can Anyone Become Self Employed?

If you searched for the term “Entrepreneurship” and ended up visiting this page then congratulations you are on a right place on internet to learn about starting a business & how can you become self employed. There are many definitions available on Google & other websites but literately I am not going to tell you those traditional definitions. I am an entrepreneur & today I will share my journey with you through this blog.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to think out of the box & leave something that you are doing currently for the bigger cause. Let’s say you are an excellent & perfect employee for the company but you leave the job for your own startup. There are a lot of risk involved in entrepreneurship like; what if you don’t get enough money to sustain? what if you failed to execute your business plan? So Entrepreneurs take risks, invest money or get funded to start own business & create jobs!

When Did I Hear About Entrepreneurship?

When i get 13 years old i started thinking of businesses. i had a dream to start my own business. I kept making plans but never executed because of lack of time as you know boys at that age study in schools!
I started teaching Holy Quran & junior grads students to pay my tuition fees. At 16 one of my teacher hired me for his stationary shop & I almost worked for him until i finished my high school. After that I went back to my teaching profession & took admission in university for higher education. My teaching career ended at the 22 because I had started my baby startup “RetailMyCoupon“. You can know more about me here

Why I Started My Career With Doing Jobs?

In 2017 I started doing jobs in various software houses & tech companies to get experience from industry. I had few things in my mind when I started doing jobs and they as as following:

  • Getting experience
  • Opening a bank account
  • Keep doing business part time during jobs

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