Motivation – 13 Must Doing Things


There are 13 points of motivation  which plays an important role to achieve your goals, if you have God gifted motivation then there is no man on the earth as lucky as like you. But this is not possible to stay motivated forever, sometime you get demotivated, and in the de-motivational scenario, this is my personal experience which i am sharing with you all so that you all may tackle your bad times with high motivational Levels.


There are few things you need to do everyday 


  • Remind Yourself your goals is one of the key element 


Goal setting is not enough, you just have to remind your goals to you daily. All your goals should be in written format and paste it to where else you visit in the home most of the like, like; when you wash your hands so paste it to near a mirror so you every time just get to know about your goals and this is the only thing which nobody does.


  • Track your weekly progress which you set early in your goals


decide what day your week starts, mine is Monday! and i strictly track my whole week’s activity when my week ends, this is one of the most necessary thing which you have to do for staying motivated always because when you track your progress then you come to know about your weaknesses and strength


  • Don’t force yourself to do anything Hard


It doesn’t mean, do not do anything…! it means do not let the work overcome you. You must have guts to reach your goals. let yourself always be ready for doing anything but if you feel like you need some rest so take it too


  • Beat your own records 


Early i mentioned track your progress and when you do, so you can easily see and compare your current week’s progress to your last week’s. This method will surely pump you up for doing more for the next week.


  • Take Rest and Give yourself some break


Rest is one the most necessary part to get motivated always. You get tired when you do only work so, never let yourself do only work but have some fun, go outside or play some sports like; cricket, football, tennis or the sports you like to play most



  • Take Coffee and Tea


While working or in rest I usually take 2 to 3 cups of Tea or coffee in a day and it refreshes my mind and i get started again to do work with same motivational level i started in morning.


  • Read a motivational or educational books daily


Read at least few pages of books that can give you new ideas and motivation so, you can come to know about new things and this thing will motivate you to finish your ongoing works as early as possible.


  • Always keep yourself neat and clean


When you keep yourself neat and clean then you feel good inside and you feel like doing something as good as you would be looking.


  • Always wear well dresses


People Don’t look first  into your pocket but on Dress does! so, dress up well and never let others feel like you are getting demotivated so you ultimately would never go to your comfort zone.



  • Don’t use T.V, Mobile and other entertainment instruments too much


Do not spend your most of the time in front of the TV or while using a Smart phone these things can be a distraction for you and it can create many hurdles and barriers in reaching your goals


  • There is blessings in action!


Running, Travelling, Walking, Swimming, Gyming is that kind of things by which you come in action everyday so, let these things make happen everyday.


  • Do something new everyday


Work, Foods, Entertainment ETC, is those things which you do everyday so, do something new and creative everyday. It means challenge yourself for new tasks and do it on daily basis


  • Shout as Loud as You can 


Just Shout as loud as you can, Do it Now! this thing will give you more energy and motivation. I just shout everyday “GOOOOD MOOORNIING”, you can create your own shouts and do it daily for unbeatable energy daily.


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