Counselling – Success Factor For Students

Counselling - Success Factor For Students

A counselling session with parents and student can make huge difference in a student’s success.

When I was 13, I had no clue, where to go? And what to start? I looked in my surrounding and found my cousins and friends were studying in 9th standards so I just followed them and took admission in a school near by my home and started studying in 9th standards too. Our educational process is so much faster than our expectations, so I completed my matriculation (Science), intermediate (Commerce) and Then I got admission in B.B.A in Feb 2013.

Whatever I did till yet, that was not my desire or dream which I usually used to watch in my childhood.
This was not only my problem but also there are a huge figures in the world, mostly in under developed and 45 most low income countries.
Many of these countries people can’t afford to invest in their children’s counselling.

Pakistan is a country with it’s 180 millions populations. Out of 180 millions , 60 percents of Pakistan’s populations consists of youth. 2008 statistics tells us, 36 millions of youth are in the age group of 20-24 years and 58 millions of youth are below the age of 15.
Those 58 million population that is under age of 15 needs proper career counselling at the right stage of their life otherwise Pakistan would make no difference with huge youth population and these assets will waste.

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