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How To Make Money With Blogging

Today i am going to share my experience of blogging so, you would be able to know how can you start your own blog and start earning by blog’s posts. I had a wish to have my own blog since 2013 but i neither have any coding skills nor i do know about how to make a website.

One day, when i was searching over internet “how to make a website” then i eventually came to know about, i just created my blog over there but i had no clue how to wite a post and i was not aware of blogging and adsense earnings. You can Know more about me here, since 2013 to 1016 i learned a lot about blogging and different sources of income online, now i am going to tell you the procedure by which you can get your blog within few hours.

  • Think Your Niche of Your Blog

First of all decide this which type of blog niche you are going to choose because this is an important part of the blogging game. Why is it necessary to select particular niche?? The answer is, it is necessary to start blogging with a niche in which you are interested in more..

If you choose a niche in which you have no interest then you will get bore with this very early and start plagiarism which Google and other networks don’t like, they will never accept your request to show ads on your blog until  your blog’s posts are unique. Take your time, think about the hobbies and interested things and start your blog on that particular niche.

  • Get Hosting to start your Blog

Hosting is another thing which you may need to start your blog. You can get hosting from any best hosting service providers like; Godady, 1and1, Bluehost, Hostgator. If you are loking for domestic company then i must refer HosterPk.

Why do you need a hosting to start your blog today? 

Hosting a place that will allow you to host your website over servers so that you may easily access to your webiste. If you are having trouble to purchase hosting services from international companies then here it is! there are many local hosting providers like; , and and many more..

  • Get a Domain Name

Mostly hosting providers offer first time free domain name with hosting  for one year and some of them provides one domain name for life! so, enjoy the first ride and choose your domain name having kept this in your mind that your domain name must be relevant to your niche because domain plays an important role in SEO almost 7% to 8 % ..


  • Install WordPress (WP)

If you reading my article it means you don’t have coding knowledge but you want to get a website/blog, so don’t worry and go to your control panel of your hosting and find softaculous software to install WordPress by just clicking once..

  • Get a WP Theme

Once you have installed WP and it is accessible through then it means you have done well. The next thing which you need for WP to run well in your blog to have a WP theme that will surely make your blog more elegant

  • Set up Your Blog

Other most important task to run a blog to setup first! Include favicon, header image, social links and create categories, make pages, and the most important one is to do Search Engine Optimization so that your blog would be seen on Search Engines Like; Google, Bing.

  • Start Writing Daily

Once you have setup your blog now you can go to the next level and start writing on your niche and do no use CP (copy & paste)Rule otherwise i have mentioned earlier what would happen…

It doesn’t matter how much you write daily but when you going to publish an article then keep it in your mind that your article must be consisting 500 and more words, Fully SEO Applied and check it’s plagiarism rate here.


Hope you will do everything well and you have any query then let me know here

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